OpenIT is a fast developing company, established in 2008, aiming at providing high quality services and products in the sector of Information Technology, especially in the sector of information systems’ backends, software components, mobile applications, e-learning platforms and IoT solutions. OpenIT was founded by Un. of Crete (Computer Science Department) researchers and has strong connections with the Transformation Services Laboratory. All the staff of OpenIT participated in Greece & EU funded projects such as SCube, ALLOW ENSEMBLES and other.


Robot Set Go is a growing nonprofit company founded in 2016 aiming at learning high technology in all age groups. In this endeavor there are collaborations with Universities such as the University of Macedonia in the year 2016 & ATEI as with Department of Electronic Engineers of Thessaloniki as well as with private institutions and other nonprofit companies.

The high-tech industries that it deals with are:
1. Robotics
2. Programming
3. 3D

The robotics courses are done by the script method so so children through the roles they get each time can and face the challenges of the scenario. Through this method of playing children learns its logic programming and robotic construction so as to it is easier to understand a difficult science.


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